• Chalet Opaline Living Space

    Under the Radar Chalets in Tignes

    Oct 27 | 173 Views | No Comments

    Leo Trippi are delighted to welcome two fabulous new chalets to our luxury chalet collection in Tignes, France. An exciting expansion of our current French portfolio, Tignes is fast becoming a ‘go to’ destination and we are delighted to be able to introduce our clients to two of the most...

  • makepeaceisland

    Many newlyweds play it safe on their honeymoon. This could be for a number of reasons: perhaps they want to know their destination will offer them what they expect before they even take their trip, or they are afraid to look further afield; maybe the wedding was so stressful to plan that the...

  • Cala-Dogana

    The World’s Most Stunning Unspoilt Destinations

    Oct 24 | 151 Views | No Comments

    It seems these days that tourists have made their mark almost everywhere in the world: once-deserted beaching fill up with tanned bodies and screaming children, and quiet locations of luxury quickly become the perfect destination for party paradise! But don’t fret: if you’re looking to take a...

  • Kefalonia-Greece

    Head Over Heels In Old Greece

    Oct 23 | 136 Views | No Comments

    Too often a Mediterranean holiday is accompanied by international food and waiting staff and imports from Northern Europe. These might make you feel at home but surely the idea of a holiday is to experience something really different. Well if you like the Med, the Greek Islands and the memory of...

  • las-vegas

    Fashion, Food and a Flutter in Las Vegas

    Jun 5 | 771 Views | No Comments

    The question you have got to ask yourself when considering a visit to Las Vegas is… Do I feel lucky? A trip to the iconic Vegas strip, lined with its well known hotels and prestigious casinos it is the trip of a lifetime, not be rivaled or experienced anywhere else on the planet. Some visit ...

  • The-Fludyer-Arms

    The Fludyer Arms Hotel | Felixstowe | UK

    Mar 18 | 1233 Views | No Comments

    Felixstowe is perhaps not the first place you think of when looking for a luxury experience, but The Fludyer Arms provides just that. As a family that live in Felixstowe we have familairised ourselves with many of the restaurants, cafés and hotels that the town has to offer and I would certainly...

  • dunhill

    For the gentleman about town, London really has everything, if you know where to look. Pamper Yourself Bourdon House | Mayfair Located in the heart of Mayfair this stunning Georgian townhouse is the ultimate retreat for the distinguished gentleman. Offering a range of wet shaves, haircuts, spa...

  • limerick-night

    Ireland’s Four Most Happening Cities for Foodies

    Jan 24 | 742 Views | No Comments

    When visiting any holiday destination, even one as close to home as Ireland, one of the great pleasures of travelling is the opportunity to sample and indulge in local fare. Every locality has its share of cuisine that you would not be able to find anywhere else, and even though Ireland is a...

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