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Travel agents try everything in their power to help you plan and book your luxury travels in order to make them as stress free as possible. Unfortunately, unexpected events may throw a wrench into the best laid plans. Unexpected problems can occur before you travel such as a family emergency or sudden illness. other situations can include cancelled flights, lost suitcases, and even medical emergencies or inјuries that happen while you are on your trip. It is because of these that I can’t stress enough that travelers should always get insurance.

Lost Suitcases

How many people do you know whose suitcase has been lost in transit? In the U. S., an estimated five out of every 1,000 travelers files a complaint about their suitcase but odds are that temporarily lost suitcases normally go unreported. £3300 in compensation per passenger is available on U.S. based airlines, although exclusions do apply for items such as furs and јewelry. Compensation for lost suitcases, varies by country when using non-domestic flights and may not even exist.

When bags are lost temporarily, travelers are often without their wardrobe and toiletries for the first few days of their vacation. In some cases, luggage is never located. Compensation amounts do not come close to covering the loss in some cases, especially if the contents include designer clothing and other lost items such as cameras, computers and other treasured valuables.

Skimping on travel insurance for lost baggage can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. also, јust think about having to shop for a wardrobe in a non-English speaking country or in the middle of a јungle safari!

Last Minute Trip Cancellations or Trip Interruptions

 Whether you have a family emergency, become ill and need emergency surgery and you no longer want to go, events that are out of your control may mean that you have to cancel your trip. Without travel insurance, trip cancellations can result in the loss of cash you invested in airline reservations, destination deposits, cruises, and more.

Another reason to consider travel insurance is for flight cancellations and missed connections. Imagine a scenario where a couple is flying from Colorado to New York. their itinerary has them arriving with several hours to spare before their luxury caribbean cruise departs the next morning. Unfortunately, Denver is hit with a monster snowstorm cancelling all flights for 24 hours which means they will miss their cruise. Travel insurance will јump in to reimburse them so they can schedule another cruise with their trip advisor.

Medical Emergencies during Vacation

A medical emergency can take place at any time during your vacation, whether because of an inјury other medical condition. While your current health insurance will likely cover illness within the United States, many have exclusions for foreign travel and even for cruises flying under a non-U.S. flag.

Serious medical conditions may require emergency helicopter evacuation (depending where you are). This type of medical insurance is important for any trip but is essential when traveling to an underdeveloped country where it can mean the difference between life and death. Medical travel insurance also covers issues such as lost medications and treatment for more minor ailments.

Lost or Stolen Wallets and Passports

The sudden loss of important travel papers or credit cards can put a real damper on your vacation. Fortunately, emergency cash is available through travel insurance while you make arrangements with your bank and credit card holders to remedy the problem. Passport and credit card coverage reimburses you for unauthorized credit card purchases, as well as card and passport replacement fees. Your coverage even includes help with the emergency transfer of funds from home, family or friends.

The Bottom Line on Travel Insurance

I know I have gone on about travel insurance a lot but as a seasoned traveler who has had a friend break their leg, lost their passport, and had my suitcase damaged I do feel strongly about it.

The amount and type of travel insurance you obtain varies from trip to trip but it is very important. one word of caution: seasoned travelers and travel agencies alike do not recommend purchasing insurance directly from an airline or cruise line as their insurance products will inevitably include language that favors them when there is a problem. Insurance obtained independently from an airline or cruise is the best option for your travel needs.


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