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Luxury travels is made up of a few travel writers all with a common goal; To write interesting and compelling content about luxury travel. If you share this goal then we would love to hear from you.

** Please do not send us a generic email on how you’ve read our site and it’s great (unless you actually mean it). We get LOTS **

Firstly please email us with possible content titles and links to any previous articles you have written. We are also happy to supply titles if you require.

  • Minimum word count 500 words
  • One link per 500 words
  • Please spell check before sending
  • No double spaces
  • Destination guides are ok, but we prefer real stories from real people
  • Photos are preferred (that we can used legally). If Flickr please also add url of photo
  • All posts will be put through plagiarism checker and copyscape
  • All content must be original and used solely on Luxury-Travels.net.

Email your suggestions to info[at]luxury-travels[dot]net

We know about SEO and content marketing so please do not insult us.