Take a Honeymoon Safari for a Newlywed Adventure

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Honeymooning is every newlywed couples’ chance to dive into a marriage of adventure and excitement. An opportunity to temporarily move away from daily responsibilities and stress and enjoy quality time with each other in a scene that is likely to be remembered for many years. Creating a memorable getaway that is original, packed with adventure, and conducive to enjoying quality time is a tremendous task; one that a couple should research and decide on together. A honeymoon safari is a perfect solution by providing newlyweds with the experience of a lifetime where culture, adventure, and unforgettable experiences create a truly memorable getaway.

Why a Safari?

A safari is a carefully planned excursion through a designated area where participants can enjoy the breathtaking backdrop of East Africa, learn about the country’s culture and wildlife, and experience the beauty of nature. This particular destination is nothing like a typical getaway. There is nothing ordinary or expected, about it. A day spent in the Serengeti, following game animals like elephants and rhinoceroses, can be finished with a relaxing evening enjoying the majestic sunset from a private canopy lodge. With other options for entertainment, couples can be confident that each day spent on safari will bring experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.


Planning a Safari Adventure

Coordinating the timing, logistics, and details of a honeymoon is no simple task. While it is an exciting and highly anticipated process of getting married, staying focused and taking the right preparation steps is critical to ensure the whole getaway goes smoothly and is enjoyed without any stress. These suggestions are important for any couple to consider as they begin planning their safari honeymoon.

Brainstorm for Ideas: Often, a couple will be planning their honeymoon and discover that the other person has varying ideas of how they want to plan the trip. A brainstorming session allows a couple to think of ideas together. For example, what kind of safari will be taken? How long should it last? What other types of activities should be included? When should departure and arrival dates be scheduled? A couple that has taken the time to come up with ideas together will have a great idea of where to begin planning.

Plan for Logistics: Planning a trip of any kind requires coordinating logistics including flight plans, lodging options, and various forms of entertainment among other things. Planning such details enables couples to more fully enjoy their honeymoon without stressing during the trip.

Selecting a Safari: There are a variety of packages to choose from. These range in length, location, and price. With options from a single day spent in Nairobi National Park to a 2-week excursion in Kenya, couples can select an option that fits their individual budgetary and timing needs.

Finalizing Details: Once plans are in place and an itinerary has been coordinated, it is time for a couple to finalize the details and organize confirmations for further reference. Timely planning and thorough research and preparation can take the stress out of coordinating a honeymoon. With everything finalized, the happy couple can enjoy their wedding festivities with excited anticipation of their upcoming getaway.


Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Safari

While the safari experience is truly unique and original, couples can get the most out of their getaway by taking some necessary preparation steps. These include:

Obtaining Proper Identification: International travel is easiest with the right kind of identification ready to go. Documents like passports, identification cards, copies of medical prescriptions, and airline tickets should be safely secured and obtained plenty of time in advance of departure. Throughout the trip, precautions should be taken to ensure these documents stay secure so they can be easily accessed for the trip home.

Updating Vaccines: Visiting another part of the world often calls for additional vaccines to prepare for environmental changes that could be foreign to an unexposed individual. In preparation for a safari, couples should update their medical records by obtaining the necessary vaccines. Additionally, any prescribed medications should be filled beforehand and copies of prescriptions should be made in case of emergency.

Doing Research: Couples anticipating a memorable experience should take the time to research what they will be doing. This process can be a lot of fun and can provide excitement about what lies ahead. With a solid understanding of what will be experienced, couples can pack appropriately and be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

Making a List: Creating a list in preparation for any trip is a good idea to make sure nothing important is forgotten. On a safari, unique items like mosquito nets, bug spray, and water purification tablets among other things, will be important to bring. By writing a list of things to pack, a couple can be confident that nothing will be forgotten and the excursion will be perfectly enjoyable.

For a couple hoping to create an entrance into marriage like no one else, a honeymoon safari is the ideal option and sure to provide an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.