10 Luxury Spas in Indonesia

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Indonesia remains a popular destination amongst those seeking to experience true luxury, whether that takes the form of a stroll down a white-sand beach or a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own villa. This list is designed to help you find the finest spas in the region so that, whether you’re a tourist or resident, you too can take advantage of the wonderful services on offer.



The Legian’s aesthetics are simply stunning. Set on a beautiful private stretch of Seminyak Beach, the view from the facility alone is worth the admission price. The timeless healing and wellness therapies that the Legian’s experienced staff offer match the high standard of the visuals perfectly. From the romantic bathing ceremonies to the rejuvenating beauty rituals, the venue’s treatments are steeped in the tranquility of the local traditions. All of these factors combine to make the Legian one of the finest venues in the whole of Indonesia.

tanah gajah spa


The Tanah Gaja in Ubud is ‘Ultimate Indulgence’, and it is a fitting description of another truly superb resort. The level of taste and sophistication that the Tanah Gaja’s spa facilities offer are second to none. Like the Legian, much of the focus is on traditional rituals that encompass decades of Bali culture, helping the guests to feel at one with their surroundings. Some of the most popular treatments include the detoxifying Himalayan Crystal Body Polish and the Moroccan Rhassoul Envelopment, the latter aimed at helping the recipient achieve a total state of relaxation. All of the treatments at the Tanah Gaja are available on arrival, but pre-booking is advised, so those seeking to indulge themselves with the very finest holistic treatments should book before they go.



Like many of the establishments in our list, the Ayana Resort is located on the beautiful and popular island of Bali, meaning that it attracts thousands of visitors a year. The Ayana’s facilities are unique and imaginative. Those seeking to truly relax can take advantage of the world’s largest aquatonic seawater therapy pool, where the natural healing properties of seawater are used to increase blood circulation and decrease feelings of stress. The ‘Diamond Miracle’ treatment is one of the most luxurious remedies on offer, concluding as it does in an ocean splash rose bath containing the petals of 500 red roses, with chilled champagne served in sparkling crystal flutes.



Relaxation and luxury living are the goals for the experienced staff of the Oazia, all of whom are trained to ensure that ‘mind, body and soul’ are all gifted with the same levels of therapeutic attention. The ‘Moon Spa Ceremonies’ are unique to the venue, utilising the holistic properties of the moon to help the body recover a natural energy in keeping with the ebb and flow of the lunar rhythms. In addition to the many individual treatments available at the Oazia, it is also possible for visitors to indulge in one of the Full Day Holistic Spas. These packages utilise some of the Oazia’s most popular treatments. As well as a private holistic consultation with Elisa Senese, the day treatment also includes a ninety-minute rejuvenation session and an hour of healing remedies. A gourmet spa lunch is also included, as is the chance to enjoy a private hour of yoga.



The Bidadari’s facilities might not offer the same complexity as the Oazia or the Ayana, but they are nonetheless still worth investigating. Set alongside a range of luxury villas, their on-site spa (named ‘Yubi’) offers a complete holistic experience, with trained massage experts available to help you reach a state of pure relaxation. Their treatments vary from the traditional Balinese massage to the one-of-a-kind 90-minute stone therapy session, the combination of warm stones and ginger oil designed to both increases the body’s circulation whilst decreasing tension in the muscles. A combination of the resort’s location and the superb treatments on offer make the Bidadari a genuinely desirable destination.



As part of the world-renowned Banyan Tree resort, the Bintan Spa offers aesthetics as beautiful as any in Indonesia. These visuals combine with the holistic skills of the ‘Master Therapist’ to provide visitors with a feeling of true tranquillity. Once you’ve enjoyed one of the many available treatments (the ‘Banyan Tree Spa’ in particular, has a glowing reputation), you can relax in the seclusion of the facility’s hilltop pools. The unique ‘Rainmist’ treatments are also very popular, the combination of rainforest steam and the rainwater shower perfect for easing you into a day’s relaxation.



One of the most revered resorts in Bali, the Four Seasons’ reputation was built initially on the quality of their accommodation, and it is no surprise that they set similarly high standards for their wonderful holistic spa treatments. As with the Bintan Spa, the beautiful location is a big part of the experience, the stylish beachside garden helping visitors feel relaxed straight away. The popular ‘OceanFront’ treatments enable the knowledgeable staff to remove all the stresses of day-to-day life whilst you enjoy the sight of the piercing blue ocean. The Royal Spa Suite is also a must-visit for those seeking the very highest levels of luxury holistic treatment.



The Zen’s range of unique remedies are designed to ensure that the whole body reaches a total state of relaxation. Making use of techniques that are one-of-a-kind (such as their trademark spice bath, designed to help increase the circulation of the blood), the staff can help heal everything from pains in the feet to mental stress. Available now as part of some great package deals, the Zen Spa’s treatments would be an ideal addition to anyone’s holiday.



The Botanica’s treatments are wide and varied, meaning that like the Zen, there is something for everyone at this excellent facility. Whilst their bath sessions, herbal massages and manicures all have a great reputation, the remedy that brings in visitors from all over the world is the Ayurvedic Shiroda treatment. Originally created by Indian Yogis to help enhance self-awareness, it is a great way to help restore a natural calm and balance to the body. This treatment alone warrants a visit to the Botanica.



If the Tanah Gaja and the Legian are merely influenced by Bali culture, then the Bagus Jati facility is utterly engulfed in the island’s history and traditions. Revered as a sacred location according to ancient Hindu writings, the Jati offers the ultimate in peace and relaxation. The ten on-site villas are each attached to their own stunning private spa facilities. There are six unique packages designed so that each visitor can enjoy a set of treatments tailored specifically to their needs. The peace and serenity of the location offer a tranquil environment in which to relax. With everything from a simple detox to a full spiritual journey available to visitors, the Bagus Jati remains one of the finest spa resorts in the world.