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Florida is one of the few American states that do attract tourists from all over the world.  The reason why it is a major tourist destination is because she harbors beautiful landscape, warm sandy beaches, resorts and restaurants, and the weather there is just fantastic. 

Although Florida experiences a four weather season, most visitors love to visit during summer and autumn because weather is at its finest. The one place that everyone should create time to visit is Miami. Miami has some of the best beaches in the world, and this is where celebrities and people of a higher rank in social life head to.   Some of the finest places that Florida has to offer include:

miami south beach hotels

Miami south beaches and swimming with dolphins

Miami is blessed with the coolest white sandy beaches. The reason why Miami is a major tourist destination is because people of all runs can enjoy the weather out here.  Most importantly, visiting these beaches is absolutely free and anyone can enjoy the weather without spending a dime. Most families head here for retreats and other fun filled moments in their lives, and this is the reason why you too need to head here. Apart from getting to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the clear waters, you also get a chance to meet new people, converse and even share ideas. The fun in being in a foreign land is when you can make friends with locals and also get a chance to exchange contacts. You can also find a business partner when in Miami beaches, thus a cool destination to mark.

The other reason why Miami offers the finest destination and fun filled places in Florida is that, you also get a chance to swim with dolphins.  This is only possible when you visit some of the finest resorts and hotels in Miami, which has swimming pools with dolphins inside. Many children love swimming with dolphins, and have memorable events when they got a chance to swim with them.  You too can take your children to Florida and give them a chance to swim with dolphins and get to enjoy the company of these sea creatures.  However, only children over the age of 5 years are allowed to swim in pools with dolphins due to security reasons.

tiger at metro zoo

Wild Rich Metro Zoo

People visiting Florida get a chance to see animals close up in one of their many Zoos, as well as have the chance to feed them.  Most of these animals are originally from Asia, like the tiger, From Africa, the lion and kangaroos from Australia. Visiting the metro zoo in Miami gives you an experience you would only have got from visiting the 3 continents which would otherwise have been an expensive tour.  If you have been dreaming of having an up-close encounter with wild animals from these 3 continents, you can then visit Miami and give yourself a lifetime treat.  You might be wondering what you will be required to pay when you visit this zoo. The good news is that, at a small fee of less than $20, you can gain entry to this rich zoo and see animals you have never seen in your life.

miami south beach

Fine hotels and restaurants

Since Miami is a major tourist attraction destination, the hotels here are just amazing. These hotels range from 3 to 5 star hotels, which means everyone, is accommodated.  Although there are many hotels in Florida, one is required to make an advanced booking before heading there, especially during the peak period in summer. Most of the reservations can be made online, and one can pay in advance too.

The good thing with these hotels and restaurants is that, you will find almost everything you ever needed as a tourist. You can find spa treatments, hot showers and even massage therapists here. Many people head for their honeymoon to Florida because of the world class services they are bound to receive. Room service here is just excellent and you can be served with whatever you need in your bed, meaning you never need to wake up. In addition to this, these hotels are strategically placed with amazing views of the beach and other beautiful places. You also get to breathe the fresh aromatic air from the sea shores while in your room.

If you do not want to swim in the ocean waters, you can find refuge in the swimming pool within the hotels. The fun thing with these swimming pools is that, they are cleaned and sanitized every day, meaning the waters are very clean. In addition to this, the swimming pool water is preheated to a certain temperature to keep it warm for everyone. People who are normally afraid of cold water will find this amazing and fun, as you can swim at any time of the day or night with no regrets.


Hot clubs and bars

Clubs and bars in Florida have world recognition for serving some of the best wines and beer of all times. Almost all elderly persons who head to Florida have to take some time off and visit these bars. The fun lies where you are served with beer in coconut shells, and also get a chance to drink coconut beer from the same. This experience is just mind bobbling, and very addicting to most tourists here. With this not being enough, these bars and clubs host live music bands, where you get to experience live performances of local renowned artists here. To couple this up, you also get some time to watch the moon in clear skies. Many couples having their honeymoon here love this experience, and will spent countless hours watching the stars and the moon at night, while confirming their vows. This is the best time when you can get to spend some quality time with your loved one, especially if you just recently married.


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