Five Amazing Places To Buy A Luxury Holiday Home

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The world has never been smaller, and more people than ever are looking into buying luxury property around the globe. There are some simple reasons why.

First of all, it’s a chance to get away to those special places you have fallen in love with. Secondly, you can often get a lot more bang for your buck in foreign climes. And, the third reason is that it is a sound investment tactic that tends to pay off.

Today, we’re going to share six of the best locations to buy luxury property – take a look and see what you think.



First of all, we want to throw you a little curveball. Albania isn’t the first country in the world that springs to mind when you think about luxury. But, if you are strapped for cash or just want safe investment to get started with, there’s no better place.

It has an economy that is going up, and land and house prices are dirt cheap. Plus, of course, it has beautiful beaches and is close to both Greece and Italy. In short, it’s the perfect place to act as a base for your Mediterranean adventures.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only a stunning country, but its people know how to keep it that way, too. They are keen on environmental protection and green issues, so you know that if you buy property there, it’s going to get protection.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a luxury home, only for it to be surrounded by a building site five years later! There is almost a cast-iron guarantee that this will not happen in Costa Rica.



We’ve covered plenty of reasons for visiting Dubai in our blog before – check them out here. But what about buying a holiday home? There are plenty of reasons why it could pay off. First of all, the climate is delightful most of the year round. There’s a great lifestyle on your doorstep, and it is, of course, a gateway to the East.

The recent construction boom has meant most of the new builds are high on luxury and technology. All you need to do is find the right location. Find yourself a Meadows villa for sale, for example, and you can have access to gyms, pools, great shopping and plenty of bars. In short, it’s perfect for a getaway.



Argentina is still an underrated holiday destination, for some bizarre reason. There is something for everyone in this stunning country, from red hot city life, to tranquil mountain regions.

Plus, it’s one of the world’s fastest growing economies, meaning you will be able to buy cheap and get higher return on your investment.



Like Argentina, Ecuador is on the up. And, make no mistake about it, there is lots to see and do in this incredible country. Much of its coastline is almost untouched, and there are opportunities to buy a sea facing apartment for peanuts in relative terms.

There you have it – five fantastic places where buying a holiday property can pay off. Do you have any more to add?