Travel Vlog Ideas That Will Fascinate Your Audience

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As a travel vlogger, you have an obligation to travel to enchanting destinations, to taste delicious dishes from all over the world and to meet people and places that will be etched in your memory forever. I know it sucks, right? Also as a travel vlogger, your main occupation is to create content – and more specifically videos – in which you will present the place of your visit, as well as the things you did in it, with the ultimate goal of convincing the viewers to try it too. We live in an age where the internet has drastically changed the way of travelling abroad.  So your content should “move” them to such an extent that they themselves decide on such a trip. But how do you manage to keep them focused on your content in fresh and clever ways? Today we will answer precisely this:

Get a more personal tone

You can create videos in which you present yourself, talking about your interests and hobbies. Viewers want this kind of video because they are given the opportunity to get to know you better while seeing your most human side. In the end, they will “travel” with you in every video, right? You can also create videos that speak for you, presenting a more personal element of your travel vlog, such as your daily routine activities, or your favourite places and destinations.

Include other people in your videos

An excellent idea for improving your videos is to add other people in them. In a travel video that you will publish, it will be useful to have the personal stories of other people, the inhabitants of the place you are visiting and good video music. Thus, you manage to capture as best as possible the culture and philosophy of a place, through the personal stories of its inhabitants. After all, no one wants to watch and listen to someone who speaks only for himself and himself only. Collaborative videos with other similar content creators are just as effective. In this way, you can learn not only new things about content creation in general but also gain new viewers to your channel.

Talk about your upcoming trip

Before you leave for your destination you could share your vacation planner template, or create a video of your trip preparation while talking about the destination itself. You can analyze all those plans you made for your stay in the place, your travels and your overall budget. Such a video will keep alive the interest of your viewers for the real trip to the destination. You need to remember that the publication of your content must be done with great frequency and consistency at all times.

Rate the places you visited

After each of your trips, a video could follow that will rate your overall experience in the country or city you visited, keeping your viewers’ interest high. By creating a specific video concept, you maintain coherence in your available content, which is very important in the overall picture you give to the world.

Ask questions

Don’t forget to engage with your audience. Ask questions to encourage responses and likes. If you do a poll about where to go or what to eat you may be surprised with the results. When starting out, you may need to try services like TokMatik to get those first few engagements but, eventually, you’ll build up an organic following who will be willing to interact with you.

Report incidents during the trip

Definitely something remarkable will happen in every trip of yours. Otherwise, you wouldn’t do this job. Of course, this also applies to the rest of us. That is why it is no wonder that we like to hear real stories and incidents that happened during a trip. The videos you’re posting have already this “narrative character” that is being reinforced through these stories of yours. Stories about unusual or even ordinary incidents, which made you laugh, get excited, scared or annoyed. Any of these emotions will add a more human character to your video. 

And there are many ways to tell a story in your videos. Either you can show it with the picture, or you can narrate it yourself. An excellent technique is the voice-overs that many content creators use in their videos. If you do not have the proper equipment or even the mood to record these stories, you could trust the help of a professional. A professional actor who specializes in voice-overs, like all actors in Voquent, will offer you quality voice overs personalized to your own needs and the needs of your video, for the maximum achievable result.

Travel blogging is definitely an art that requires a lot of time, effort and perseverance. If you are expecting quick publicity and an eminence, then it would be best to look elsewhere. But if the passion for travel is real and genuine and you feel the need to share it with the rest of the world, then with the right moves and your constant effort, you will be able to achieve your goals, while at the same you’re still getting more and more fans that admire your content.